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This Week

Shot of the week; Tigger Fish

"I found this Trigger Fish indulging in a bit of the reef at the shallow pinnacle at Twins. I approached as low and as slowly as i could so not to spook it, or any of the other fish, that seem to accompany the Trigger during this type of behaviour. I was able to get really close and although the fish was aware of my presence, it didn't seem to mind, and I was rewarded with the Trigger using his strength to turn over a piece of the reef."


Shot of the Week; Squid

Alex Brown, caught some  ever shy squid whilst diving recently. This is just one itty bit of a series of shots which we are saving for something special.  Squid are Cephalopods of the order Teuthida, it is thought that there are around 300 different species.

Having  a mantle/head, and, like cuttlefish, eight arms; the Squids arms are generally longer than cuttlefish, and these tentacles are highly sensitive. Like the cuttlefish they are also able to change colour this one is displaying its subtle translucency - they are generally lighter on the underside.    Shot by The Film Company  whilst diving at Ban's Diving Resort.




Air Hedz inflatable beach bars are now available on Sairee Beach, Koh Tao. The Film Company Team had a great couple of days with the AirHedz Crew filming this promo for them. Thanks to all who came down.

We had done some test shots before we did the actual shoot and decided on a vivid mode for shooting to really capture the vibrant sunshine colours and to get the contrast in the BRIGHT sunshine. We where looking to get light leaks and lens flare to really enhance the beach setting. For editing we also used a vibrant colour grading setting to really get the best look and lens flares where added to increase the effect of light leaks we had already captured.

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Filmed by Alex Brown and Elizabeth Spelman; Edited by Rosemary Allen. Music by DirtyFlint.