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Underwater Videography - Enabling Your Creativity

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This highly practical course is designed to help you acquire all the fundamental skills you need to get you started on your career in the underwater video and digital media industries.

The course covers a broad range of subjects from equipment, pre-production, underwater and surface image production, dive skills and editing, which you will master to a professional industry standard.

You can paricitpate in the course with an Underwater focus or as a on land course

  • Video and Cinematographic techniques:

    Explore the capabilities of digital image creation and production through experimentation with a range of technologies and techniques. Develop an understanding of how digital cameras and their processes can be manipulated and controlled to produce a desired effect. Develop analytical skills and visual literacy and learn how to illicit specific responses through visual language.

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The course maintains a strong industry focus, where there are opportunities to work to live briefs. You will gain real working professional experience as you produce your work in a supported learning environment. Ensuring that you have everything you need to create productions to the highest professional standards laying foundations for future success in the business.

Assessment Methods:
Assessment is based on coursework and is designed to allow students several chances to succeed in each unit.

Teaching Methods:
You will be set practical assignments where you will be expected amongst other things to develop an idea from scratch and see it through to final production. Whether you are interested in the process of production, editing or camera work there’s plenty of scope to explore the various career options that this course will open you up to. You will be expected to research, plan, explore, develop, produce and then evaluate your ideas and you will have the chance to display your work at the end of the course.

This course provides a great preparation for a career in the underwater media industry and is designed to enable students to gain paid employment in media related work. Students may be looking to progress onto Degree level courses in media or to work freelance within the underwater imaging sector. Students who go directly into employment will typically start in junior positions within media industries but the highly specialised skills in the underwater realm and dive industries mean you are a sought after professional.

The qualifications, skills and portfolio you gain through this course will help you achieve your goal