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Underwater Videography - Enabling Your Creativity

CALL FOR MODELS....we are looking for female volunteers to model for photo sessions for us in return be pampered and receive a great set of digital pictures   


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The aquatic realm is where we thrive, we have lived, breathed, eaten and slept diving for the past 13 years it is our reason d'etre (posh for being ;)) and we continue to marvel at and record the great beauty and majesty of its wildlife, landscapes and fauna, but underwater imaging has moved forward from Jacques Cousteau’s epic depictions of a never before seen world, it is not just about those national geographic moments. Underwater imaging is a veritable smorgasbord of creativity, with scenes being created for movies, commercials, entire web series underwater, shooting babies, dogs, fashion shoots and ethereal, dramatic or high art representations.

Business Applications

There are other serious business applications of underwater imaging including underwater and scientific research, just look at James Cameron and his expeditions to the deepest parts of our oceans. David Attenborough and naturalists often enlist the work and help of scientists to illustrate the amazing discoveries they have made

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Goal or Perspective

It doesn't matter what your goal or perspective is our training will put you on the right path as with strong foundations in good underwater imaging techniques you can grow and develop into the areas you wish to excel. It doesn't matter where you are in your diving experience or media knowledge you are at our underwater videography courses and underwater photography courses will have something to offer.

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Underwater Learn

Whether you are contemplating lighting for a underwater scene for your movie; or as a recreational diver you may just want to learn how to take a decent underwater shot; of course you may not want to learn this, or to teach your crew, you may want us to provide this service for you - we are available for that too.

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Our Underwater Videographers (OUR MAD PEEPZ)  are highly sort after due to the exceptional standard of their work and innate professionalism. We produce talented underwater camera crews and highly skilled editing professionals. If you are looking for an underwater camera operator, we can put you in contact with the right people or provide the training for your existing crew. We also provide full service crews and advice on anything from Safety divers to equipment.

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As we have been diving and filming over time we have built up a wide library of underwater stock footage, which we are happy to say is available for license. Please contact us to find out about the full range of footage available. Or perhaps you need something specific for your production we can of course oblige.

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Mad Skillz

Our professional underwater videographers are available to provide imaging services for your dive resort or live-aboard by producing personalized dive documentaries for customers on their diving holiday, souvenir photos or creating promotional, resort and product, materials. We create unique documentary records of each event - from fun-dives to Instructor Development Courses - custom made to focus on your operation and its services.


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