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Underwater Videography - Enabling Your Creativity

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Underwater videography training courses are written and taught by the team that brought you the UK accredited BTEC level 3 Diploma Surface and Underwater Media (Videography/Photography)

We boast a range of courses for the novice right though to the experienced shooter. Of course you will need to be able to operate under the water so knowing how to blow bubbles (dive) is a must; if you can't yet don't worry we can help with that and for our underwater video and photography courses you can always chose to have a PADI certification - or not?

Courses are designed to compliment your previous knowledge and experiences and are taught by our experienced professionals who are passionate about the whole process of filmmaking.

Our most popular Underwaer Videography Course is the PADI Pro underwater video, a course that enables you to work in the Dive industry. We pride ourselves on producing not only quality underwater videographers but filmmakers who are creative professionals and storytellers, equipped for the rigors of careers in both the diving and media industries.

And for those looking for truly fast tracked learning we can build personalized modular courses to fill your exact needs.

Dive Skills, Safety and Environment

Camera Skills 101


Post Production


UNDERWATER VIDEOGRAPHER 2 days, 2 dives,  9,000 THB

This course is best suited for those new to diving and/or video so if you have under 15 logged dives and really want to give underwater videography a go and get some basic skills. This course will get you to a place where you can then go and shoot well and safely with out impacting the delicate marine environment. We can teach you this  on ANY camera  from Action cam to DSLR

Please note course costs do not include any CAMERA rental but does include DIVE Equipment Rental.

You will learn; Equipment prep and set up, Dive Safety, Dive Skills, Environment, Composition, Shot types and techniques, Basic Production and Basic Editing Skills.




UNDERWATER VIDEOGRAPHER 4  days, 4 days, 12,000 THB

For those who have some significant diving and/or video experience who want to create more professional looking  video. And build the foundations of a strong video technique. The course can be taught on  ANY camera which offers a video and manual mode.

Please note course costs do not include any CAMERA rental but does include DIVE Equipment Rental.

You will learn; Equipment prep and set up, Dive Safety,  Dive Skills,  Environment, Composition,  Shot types and Techniques,  Light, Exposure Control,  Metering Systems,  Basic Editing, Types of Cut,  Story telling,  Signs of quality.

Shot Types and techniques



Exposure control and Metering




Pre Production

Resort Videographer Internship

Underwater Water Filmmaker Internship



We have taken all of our knowledge  and experience of what it takes to really get to grips with underwater  videography to offer you a course that actually gives you the skills; to  produce great standard video work. From this platform you will really be able  to explore the creativity of underwater videography.

Covering techniques of underwater  videography, theory, skills, production and application, with careful task loading of both dive and camera skills we will ensure that by the end of the  course you will have impeccable dive skills, enabling you to apply the specific skills and theory of underwater videography effectively  underwater. Ensuring you a secure base from which to develop your videography  practice.

The course is designed to focus on your particular areas of interest. For example this could be documentary style filming or creative applications of video or perhaps you are looking to focus on client based situations and products such as resort or live-a-board services.

Participants should be open water divers or above, and we recommend at least 40+ logged dives. This course can be taught on any camera with manual capabilities. Please note Course costs does include CAMERA rental but does not include DIVE Equipment rental.

Once you have completed your 14 days  training, you have the option to continue your underwater videography experience with one, or both of the following: Resort Videographer Internship –  learn to produce customer focused dive videos or Underwater Water Filmmaker Internship -learn to create your own underwater films in what ever genre you choose.




Resort Videographer Internship 10,000 THB

Learn to produce souvenir videos for divers; filming and editing movies to music telling the story of the day(s) trip. Gain experience with the professionals who do this day to day at local dive centres. By the end of this internship you will have gained all the skills and knowledge to be successfully employed in the field.

You must be a certified Rescue  Diver (or equivalent) with 50+ logged dives. Being a competent scuba diver is critical as you will be filming PADI Instructors with students in training and you will be expected to manage yourself underwater. 

Underwater Film Maker Internship (15,000 THB)

Quite simply, gaining experinece of producing a piece of your own devising. there is nothing like coming up with a concept and diving and filming to produce your own short documentary or  creative piece, with the guidance and support of ou instructors to get you learning. We will create a purpose built course to allowing you to bring your vision to life and spend the time you need to get that perfect shot and tell the story.  Contact us for further information. 







Tropical Beaches

Tropical Beaches

Island Life

Island Life



Jungles and Underwater

Jungles and Underwater



This course not only teaches  the fundamentals of underwater video but takes us beyond the use of natural light and shooting wildlife and into the creative possibilities of underwater  film and storytelling offering you the opportunity to get really get to grips  with the skills needed to become a independent professional in the world of  underwater videography. When was the last time you watched a drama series or film that did not have an  underwater sequence in it some where? Get your self on this creative gravy train as it's not just about national geographic. The course includes advanced,  dive, imaging, liighting and post-production skills that give you the opportunity to  progress and develop your own creative ideas in a positive supported  environment.  This ethos allows each and  every student to find a unique perspective from which they can present their view and to pursue their particular goals and enable their creativity. Delivering comprehensive underwater videography  training, production skills and camera techniques alongside advanced dive skills training.. You will gain all the skills you need to capture  professional level underwater moving images and to deliver creative productions  successfully. Developing mastery of the  advanced; techniques of capturing great underwater images; delivered on the Resort Videographer Course and expanding your skills to more creative  applications, you will learn to identify and deliver the work that will meet a  productions; stylistic goals and concerns. In  the first part of your Professional  Underwater Cinematography course you will gain hands on experience learning the skills to film produce, direct and edit your own work. You will discover the  practical and theoretical skills of filming underwater and on land to ensure you understand the technical requirements of each shot and how to edit your  footage into;entertaining stories. Focus will then move to the aspects of planning your production, shots and equipment management. You will concentrate perfecting your technical skills so that you then have skills to  hone and develop your story telling skills. You will begin to pursue your  particular areas of interest, gaining the benefits and vocational experience  of training in a professional environment. Advanced modules in camera and  post-production techniques are taught throughout this phase of the course and we offer opportunities to work with our professional teams on projects with clients. Elements of the course content are flexible and can be tailored to your specific experience and learning goals. The comprehensive nature of our training means that our graduates are the highly sort after and respected  underwater videographers, they have the skills to operate as highly skilled  independent filmmaker in professional environments. Which is proven by the experiences and careers that our previous trainees have carved out for  themselves. The course is taught with full manual control cameras whether video, DLSR or 4/3 format or high end video cameras.  And of course we can teach you on your equipment as this is what you will be using going forward right? 

You must be at least a Rescue diver or equivalent certification  with at least 60+ dives. Courses are taught with a  maximum of two students ensuring that you have lots of individual tutor attention. If you don't have the  relevant diving experience yet, don't worry we can assist you with training  prior to the start of the course.

The course fees include use of underwater video equipment, at least 30 dives, use of the production studio and access to the media libraries.