Mima is the baby of the family, the newest member ofd the flock she is a bubbly Egyptian with a  lust for life

“I should have been a fish but something went wrong in the process”, This was a sentence I used to repeat to my mother all the time when I was young. I come from Alexandria, a beautiful city in the Mediterranean Sea, I was always fascinated by it and it was so hard to get me out of the water.

I became very curious about the underwater world but unfortunately didn’t get the opportunity to start diving until after graduating from college. I moved to Cairo and started my professional career in 2006. But  on every single holiday, I would go to the Red Sea and dive. I have always felt that I belonged there; I connect to the marine life.

My passion for diving became all-consuming when I decided to quit my corporate life and move to the Red Sea my spiritual home in November 2010.

The indescribable feeling I always get when surrounded by the magical corals and breathtaking marine life in the Red Sea, made me want the whole world to experience this feeling. That’s when I discovered my love for the camera, so my next  move was to come  to Koh Tao to do my underwater videography course and start work as an underwater videographer.”

Watch this space to see where Mima end up next.

Now, I’m living my dream, I’m officially an underwater videographer, thanks to Rosie and The Film Company. My awesome team is a group of creative, friendly and most supportive videographers. We’re more of a family and our studio is home.

The sky is the limit when it comes to underwater videography, so I’m always looking forward to keep practicing what I’ve learned and still learning. Improve my skills and make a difference.