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CALL FOR MODELS....we are looking for female volunteers to model for photo sessions for us in return be pampered and receive a great set of digital pictures   


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Back in January, thanks to Ban's Diving Resort and the Tourist Authority of Thailand, we worked with Perfect Ten, a travel show for NDTV Good Times in India. The show focuses on the ten "must do" things in each country and features Koh Tao as one of the worlds top Diving destinations.

Our very own, PADI Pro Underwater Cinematographer Michelle Gilham filmed the underwater shots and shots of the dive school for the TV crew, whilst an instructor from Ban's Diving Resort taught the presenter to dive. The show was released in April 2013 and reached an audience of approximately 42 million viewers on it's first showing.

NDTV Good Times is the flagship channel of NDTV Life Style and the show, previously called "Ten thingsā€¦." won the APNENA english media award in 2011. The show is designed to offer travel tips to a young fashion conscious and adventurous audience.