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H-Stop #01 Perfect Blue

I have recently dug into my archives to pull together a series of shots, I have enjoyed the experience of gathering, some are good some are not so good but they will help to illustrate some points on how to improve your underwater videography. Over the course of this series I will explain how I took these shots and ways to improve.

Hywel Williams, an old family friend came to visit us on Koh Tao recently and during the course of his Underwater Videography course, inspired this idea for helping enthustatic underwater imagers to improve their shooting.

This first shot “Perfect Blue” was taken in the middle of March, this in terms of conditions  was a beautiful period on Koh Tao; tranquil, calm, still and above all flat as a pancake --  light penetration through the water column was at it’s best. To be honest this shot actually turned out far better than I hoped, notice the little wobble as we come to the buoy line, but once at the buoy line the blue just takes over and makes up for the mistake!.

As a PADI Pro Underwater Cinematography Instructor (that’s a mouthful!!!), finding the “Perfect Blue” is one of the many reasons I love dipping into the ocean, as I’m sure many do! In this shot the key is light, and understanding how to use it. Here I start my approach with the light on my left side; Turing right away from the light so that my subjects are illuminated from behind me and avoiding bloom or over exposure. This helps bring out a series of true blue shades giving the end of the shot depth.