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CALL FOR MODELS....we are looking for female volunteers to model for photo sessions for us in return be pampered and receive a great set of digital pictures   


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Whilst it could be said that we are biased,  and yes we are but recently we spent the most relaxed, peaceful, wonderful time up at Karo Villas' and cannot recommend it highly enough.

Located towards the south of Koh Tao, Thailand in the Gulf of Thailand these villas nestle in the hills just before Chalok Baan Khao and just after the turn off to Aow Luek at the South West of the island with complete privacy.

For hard core Sairee Beach side residents where the music is always on, the back packer crowd is jostling in the street and its pretty much always busy, (not that we mind it) but the peace and quiet offered to those staying at these up on these boutique hill side villas is makes the difference palpable. It took our breath away along with any stresses or cares we may have had.  With a view of two of Koh Tao's beautiful bays, and little in the way of either vehicle or foot traffic, the infinity pool is the ideal place to soak away the afternoon; or morning as you watch the sun rise.

The Villas are well thought out and provide all the mod cons, including,  air-con, fan, cooking facilities, hot water media players with a good selection of entertainment,  and the all important connections to the world via wifi and mobile phone.  Because of its location - as well as options for days when you don't want to drive or even if don't drive a taxi service is available for hire as well as access to delivery services for food when you don't want to cook or eat out.

Whilst we where there we took the opportunity to watch this spectacular sunrise and take a few pictures and as you can see even on a slightly cloudy day it is a wonder! Happy to give Karo Villas our strongest recommendations and hope you get to stay there sometime soon.