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CALL FOR MODELS....we are looking for female volunteers to model for photo sessions for us in return be pampered and receive a great set of digital pictures   


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[one_half last="no" class="" id=""]The Film Company was very sad to say goodbye to underwater videographer Elena Tranmer at the end of October. Though we were sorry to see her leave, we wish her all the best with this next chapter of her life. She leaves behind an impressive body of work that exhibits the unique and creative eye, she developed through her  training course the PADI Pro Underwater Cinematography course. We have delayed the release of her work some-what as Elena went to Australia and was unfortunately taken quite ill. We are glad to say that she is back on the road to recovery and visiting the Uk for the holiday period ad wish her all the best.[/one_half]
[one_half last="yes" class="" id=""]During her course Elena was given a creative brief to work with which required her to decide on a theme, style and storyline and completed the entire production from pre- production planning right through to post-production.The purpose of the project is to develop leadership, organisation, directing and producing skills. It also allows the student to continue their exploration of their art and to continue to learn. For example with this piece the lighting and shutter speeds where in some points not  in synch  resulting in what is called banding and whilst some of its effects can be reduced in post it is not possible to negate. We think that the results are still stunning and as a piece it merits all her hard work. The final film uses hauntingly beautiful imagery of a ghost-like woman adorning a white dress that seems to melt around her body. The scene is ethereal, almost hypnotizing. She passionately and meticulously destroys a flower, one petal at a time, only to then reach up and grab for the petals she cast away. Her slow-moving elegance is mirage-like, the soft lighting: surreal.[/one_half]

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[one_third last="yes" class="" id=""]Special Thanks must be passed on to Nikki Lacy and  APNEA  freediving for loaning us our gorgeous model Nikki.  Jeffery Glenn  of Ban's TEC for last minute lighting support when our batteries failed. Krystina Mahina - Amarylis Mermaid for the beautiful hand made necklace that she produced especially for this piece and Ban’s diving resort for the amazing location and patience with the shoot.

The remit of the course  is to develop creative and technical skills for underwater videographers who are looking to expand the boundaries of what underwater filming entails if you would like to find out more please TALK to us