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Underwater Videography - Enabling Your Creativity

CALL FOR MODELS....we are looking for female volunteers to model for photo sessions for us in return be pampered and receive a great set of digital pictures   


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Video Content Production

Video & Photo Production

Creating visual stories tapping into the key emotions for your event, product or occasion are what we DO. We are able to MAKE your project whether PHOTO or VIDEO to your specifications professionally. Of course our specialism is in Underwater Video, Photography and Cinematography. So if you need underwater stock, simply require an training for an underwater videographer, or for us to shoot for your project. Our team are always ready to help bring your vision to life.


Video and photo skillz

Our training is designed for you if you are interested in any aspect of photography, film and video making, we specalise in underwater videography and the skills required to master this particular environment but whether you are shooting on land or underwater the principles of good visual story telling are key.

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Underwater Love 


The aquatic realm as it is where we thrive and we continue to marvel at as we photograph and film the great beauty that we find.

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We hope to be able to offer you the opportunity to purchase copies of our Photos, and Videos, as well as imaging equipment and much much more

Good Visual Story Telling


Is dependent on the right blend of elements working in concert to create meaning, story and interest learn more, about how, with us

Enabling Creativity


We LOVE to mix it up and actively pursue our desire to communicate through video and photography we want to share that LOVE with you.



So when I get asked – what did you do this weekend I sometimes feel a bit glum that we don’t really experience that weekend feeling here on Koh Tao as the holiday fun doesn’t really take a break for a day ;) (I know you are all groaning as we live on a tropical island and a charmed life blah blah blah ;) ) but this weekend the job was one of those where you are thankful that you live where you live and do what you do... and made me feel like I had a weekend!!! We were invited by Koh Tao's premiere watersports and fishing expeditions, Extreme Academy, to join them on their fourth birthday party boat trip... on a beautiful day with beautiful fun people, doing fun things… and oh what a day we had.


Heading out from Hin Wong Bay - to a "SECRET costal LOCATION" our merry band set off to have fun in the sun and enjoy the beauty of Koh Tao island. We disembarked from the boats on to a sandy stretch of secluded beach and got straight into the important task of setting up the barbeque to feed our revelers with an Aussie style Feast. Tucked away on this idyllic little beach, everyone settled in for a fun afternoon with the Flamingoes, dogs and Honey Badger to entertain us.

Extreme Academy specialises in creating this kind of bespoke trip for its customers’ specific requirements, Tobin will organise and arrange everything possible to make your trip unforgettable and expertly guide you around the islands waterways. Whether you want to get in some fishing for some of the oceans mightiest fish. To snorkelling and free diving you will be chauffeured in style around some of the islands most exclusive spots - “far from the madding crowd” and away from large organised day trips. All in the comfort of their two fast and powerful speed boats … Honey Badger and Big Jig… Both of which are rigged out for wakeboarding, tubing, and doughnuts and are rigged out with some serious fishing gear.

Honey Badger is a nippy little number that has been fully rigged for offshore and onshore fishing with a great sound system and ballast tanks for wakeboarding. This was our “fun” boat, for the celebratory day as all the day trippers got to try out ‘Rocking Mabel’ the tubing sensation which requires strength, determination and bravery to survive and accounts for some of the hilarious pictures that ensued at the hands of our Captains’ Andy and Tobin who worked hard to create some serious waves for Mabel’s passengers…




Our prize for best faces of the day goes to Nikki Berri – you where absolutely priceless honey, absolutely priceless, and you stayed on Forever!!! xxx


If you are interested in booking with Extreme Academy for your trip to Koh Tao we highly recommend it, you can check out the website here or contact us directly and we can put you in touch. And if you would like our Professional photo and/or video services along to make memories of your day let us know ….as we really want to go again ;

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Hints & Tips

Can't get to us here on Koh Tao, well here we share some essential info in our series of hints and tips on all things underwater video and photo.

h-stop 12 Rocky Balboa

h-stop 11 Composition

h-stop 10 Roped In

Our Mad Peepz

Our Mad Peepz

We are all about people, people who don’t just go to work, but love their work. People who don’t just do a job, but live their role as an expression of who they are. People who are not just productive, but who achieve extraordinary results daily. And with out their passion we wouldn’t be where we are today.

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Our Quirks


The Film Company, is a underwater video production house. We specialise in underwater videography and post production and are passionate about visual story telling; we also like weird words so you might find a few spattered around on the site. We create content for a full range of commercial, broadcast, personal...

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is an energy; it is a wave; it is a force …. It illuminates our world it allows us to “see” learning to see light is most important to any photographer or cinematographer. We may see light differently but it always behaves the same way. Understanding light helps you to see light properly and to manipulate it effectively.

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Underwater Photography

Underwater Photography

Underwater Photography what’s the difference underwater? Well lots, and our courses are designed to give you the knowledge you need to begin your underwater photography journey. Focusing on the key areas of Equipment, Dive Skills, Pre-Production, Production Techniques and Post-Production.

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