Professional Underwater Videographers

We are all about people, people who don’t just go to work, but love their work. People who don’t just do a job, but live their role as an expression of who they are. People who are not just productive, but who achieve extraordinary results daily. And with out their passion we wouldn’t be where we are today.

We are particularly proud of our tradition of producing talented underwater and on land imagers and our business owes its success to those current and previous team members as with out them we couldn’t achieve everything we do.

These are the faces that make up our current crew, with out them we really couldn’t do everything we do. Each of them brings a unique perspective to every piece of work that they do. All of the crew are PADI Pro Underwater Cinematographers and have been diving with us for six months or more, if you would like to find out more about their experiences on the course or what it’s like to be an Underwater videographer you can find them on below, or contact us to ask them a question.

Our Underwater videographers are widely recognized as the most professional underwater creative’s due to the extensive underwater videography training they undertake with us. Our divers unbounded enthusiasm and creativity makes The Film Company what it is to day and we are proud to have been associated with all those who have trained with us over the years.