Rosemary Allen

Co-Owner and Production Manager

Formerly I was a bit of a land lubber you would tend to find me around the office and studio (with an enormous cup of tea!!) I love diving and underwater videography and am interested in the most creative possibilities on land and underwater. I am a a massive fan of the learning process and I love editing, cinematography and photography and all that they bring to that table every day, I also love studying the theories and techniques of our craft.

Getting that perfect shot takes so much skill and effort but it has to be part of a story or series of perfect shots to make sense. That’s why we developed our courses as we believe in the story telling process as a integrated whole. You need to apply hard work and dedication to the story, creativity and the technical to be a good imager and even more to perfecting these skills underwater, whilst remaining the consummate professional. My interested range to anything creative, I design bespoke wetsuits and am an ex dancer so am often helping out with local productions or teaching classes, I can help you out with your visa’s during your stay and much much more. I am  generally the person at the end of an email or phone call so you can put a face to a name, otherwise I’m the person directing my team of camera people!(they just call it being bossy!!)

One of my favourite memories is working with Chelle and the dive master trainees in the film below they had a very clear idea about what they wanted, my job was to ensure that the production schedule worked and that we got all the footage we needed.  Chelle produced all the footage and did a great job . I don't think we stopped laughing all day that day thanks to Isabelle our safety sausage!!