Co Founder, Owner and Creative Director

Sharky founded The Film Company  ten years ago at around the same time as he began instructing.  Film making  is his passion followed a close second by his love of  teaching.

Formerly a member of the Royal Welsh Fusiliers, he is a decorated ex solider. Following his army career he headed for the Party Island of Ibiza and rocked his socks of with the Manumisson crew. Learning to mix back in the days of vinyl, as a DJ his eclectic music taste and unique dancing style made him a firm favourite with the crowd .  Following a stint running a restaurant, he moved to Australia where he was a regular around some of the biggest clubs in Sydney.

After coming to Koh Tao he discovered the delights of diving, and so with  Sharky’s unique talent for story telling and long held appreciation of movies they began to meld into one as he started to learn the tools of  his trade.

Since then his passion for story telling, film and video production has consistently driven the company to new creative heights. His extensive experience as an instructor and underwater videographer and his knowledge of editing and post-production make him a master at what he does.

Sharky personally teaches each course and has developed the PRO Underwater Cinematography and Underwater Videography program based on his years of experience as a videographer. The course is designed to ensure that you have all the tools at your disposal to create great work every time whether on land or underwater. As you can see by the work being produced by our current team and what our previous trainees have gone on to do, it’s a course that proves it delivers on what it promises.


Check out the Hints & Tips series where Sharky discusses and shares techniques and ideas for underwater videography.