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CALL FOR MODELS....we are looking for female volunteers to model for photo sessions for us in return be pampered and receive a great set of digital pictures   


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Previous Trainees

Nick Corkill

Has been commercial diving in and around Australia , he is on his way back to visit us on Koh Tao but not before joining  a commercial diving expedition with James Cameron.

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Matt Krumins

Designer of our tag line animation, Matt Krumins Underwater digital imaging goes from strength to strength. His underwater footage is being picked up for use in t.v productions.

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Michelle Gilham

Sadly for The Film Co. Michelle our former manager, and Instructor, has moved on to pastures new. But we are very proud to say that during her time with us she was talent scouted and has been  in Canada undertaking an internship with a production house in Vancouver. She once again impressed and has now been offered a position with a TV channel. We wish her all the best and will try to get her to keep you up to date via the blog;)

You would always find this bubbly character easily at Ban's Diving Resort, as she was normally in the centre of a group of laughing people with a camera in her hand. We look forward to keeping you unto date with the amazing adventures on Chelle but will keep this space open for her always. Chelle's take on underwater videography is below…...

I love videography! Diving is a close second, I love being part of the world as a voyeur, being with people that are here to learn but also to have as much fun as possible. So combining the two into underwater videography is a dream come true. I went to the University of Gloucester  to Study Film, my thesis was on the use of sound in Films so I pay particular attention to this aspect of my work.

I did my open water diving course straight through to Dive Master course five years ago, with Crystal divers, Koh Tao. Then I went home for a year to save and came back to Koh Tao to stay. I love spending time with friends and work hard to play hard. Everyday here is different with new delights that we are fortunate to witness and never cease to amaze me.

Now that I am teaching I am finding my own practice as videographer is growing, as you learn from other peoples inspiration and view point.


Stephen Jones

Having been a Divemaster for about four years, and having gained  a lot of experience in leadership roles I decided that I really  wanted some thing a little bit different that tapped into my creative side. Prior to coming to Koh Tao I had been a drum and bass DJ and the pacing and rhythm associated with Videography appealed to me. 

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