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CALL FOR MODELS....we are looking for female volunteers to model for photo sessions for us in return be pampered and receive a great set of digital pictures   


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In my recent post about witnessing fishes "kissing", I vowed to create a database of lesser known species for divers who are as curious as myself about the fish we see and interact with everyday. The other day while diving at Junkyard, I saw a fish that I had never seen before. I asked the instructor Tommy as well as my coworkers at The Film Company but it was the first time that all of them had seen this fish before as well. After thoroughly examining my footage of this lovely little horned creature, I noticed physical features reminiscent of the filefish. I researched the fish online, eventually concluding that it does belong to the filefish family, scientifically referred to as Monacanthidae. What I discovered was a juvenile Japanese Leatherjacket (Paramonacanthus japonicus). It is also commonly referred to as the Hair-finned Filefish, Hair-finned Leatherjacket, Jade Filefish, Jade Leatherjacket, Cryptic Filefish, and the Cryptic Leatherjacket. It can be found between 12 and 56 meters, embracing the floor of the sea. It was quite difficult to film, as many filefish are, because of their paper-thin bodies and shy demeanor. Capturing the right angle in the right moment in the right lighting takes patience and perseverance. Unlike the strikingly vibrant Scribbled Filefish we commonly see in the Gulf of Thailand, the Japanese Leatherback may have gone unnoticed because it camouflages so excellently with the sand upon the ocean floor. Unfortunately, the visibility was poor this day which made it even harder to capture this elusive species. Footage to come!