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Underwater Videography - Enabling Your Creativity

CALL FOR MODELS....we are looking for female volunteers to model for photo sessions for us in return be pampered and receive a great set of digital pictures   


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Whether you are filming underwater or on dry land, for the big screen or a TV ad, the principles of good story telling and filmmaking are the same. The best results are achieved by combining great camerawork with superlative editing skills, giving you and your viewer the best possible experience.

Great technical shots and camera skills are fundamental to the creation of high quality creative film and video work. How you present these images through editing is then the key to how your work is read and the quality of the production. It is therefore imperative that the camera-person considers whilst shooting the action the information that the production team needs to tell the story. If you are operating independently or as part of a crew being organized and ensuring you understand the shoots that are key to the story aids this process

We aim to teach our videographers to think like a director and function as a complete production team, working from pre-production and story-boarding right through to post-production.

Your concerns will be mainly about the audience: what do you want the audience to be thinking at any particular moment? Where are they going to be looking? And of course, what do you want them to feel? These considerations become the central pre-occupation of an independent videographer and the creative cornerstone upon which all your decisions will be taken.

If you are directing, you have the opportunity to put your signature on the bottom of the frame. You have the opportunity to say,
"This is what I believe. That is my credo. That is what I wish to state." 

Richard Attenborough