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CALL FOR MODELS....we are looking for female volunteers to model for photo sessions for us in return be pampered and receive a great set of digital pictures   


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John Back

John Back is and probably will always be one of the stalwarts of the Koh Tao community,  he's part of the local fabric. He has been an underwater imager here for as long as anyone can remember and is an immediately recognisable character.

A mod in the original sense of the word his sense of glee at all things and his unique perception of the world around make him a great photographer.

We are very pleased to announce - somewhat late!! that John is working freelance with The Film Company. His portraits of both fish and animals are sublime and really bring something unique out about the nature of the dive, diver or experience.

Shoting on the canon 7D with the Aquatica Housing you can find John out and about all around Koh Tao, including our very own Sunshine Divers. He also gets his Manta on regularly on the West Coast with Similian Dive Safaris.

Check out these amazing images from the past season.

If you want to see the full images - not our curation - and find out more about John's work check out his website.

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Whale Shark Heaven

In a rare morning trip to Chumphon Pinnacle three of the Film Company Videographers got to swim with Whale Sharks. These shots are By Liz

[gallery ids="1872,1874,1882,1878,1879,1880,1883,1884,1885,1886"]

Spanish Dancer

I'm  back in Hawaii for the time being, after  my jaunts around the world.

I am very  proud to say I have earned myself a position be working on the Aggressor fleet and going out on some amazing dives. My cameras are always on hand and ready for stills and video. Rosie has asked me to become a contributor to the site and  share some of my experiences and images which I'm happy to do.

This is one of her favourites the Spanish Dancer


The New Adventures of Grace Gadston

Grace Gadston former PADI Underwater Cinematography student and freelance videographer is currently in Cambodia. Her new project with New Futures Organisation in the Takeo province. During her time with the organisation Grace will volunteer and assist in the day to day running of the project as well as begin to document the work and lives of the volunteers and residents.  The media project is part of a BTEC course run by our sister operation The Dive Institute and involves a number of aspects including infomercials and videos to illustrate the work of the organisation and a larger documentary piece.

The New Futures Organisation provides support to local orphans via a children's home as well as free education to children in the local region who would not otherwise be able to afford it through the six schools it has built and manages. New Futures Organisation has been operational in Takeo since 2008 and has built up its network and support within the local community, through donations and volunteer support.

Grace, a former student of The Film Company, has been preparing herself, with Rosemary Allen,  The Dive Institutes Media Tutor. The research, pre production and final projects that she produces will count as evidence towards units in her BTEC in Surface and Underwater Media. For more information about the course check out

So watch this space for more on what Grace is up to she will also be blogging on her website


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