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CALL FOR MODELS....we are looking for female volunteers to model for photo sessions for us in return be pampered and receive a great set of digital pictures   


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Spanish Dancer

I'm  back in Hawaii for the time being, after  my jaunts around the world.

I am very  proud to say I have earned myself a position be working on the Aggressor fleet and going out on some amazing dives. My cameras are always on hand and ready for stills and video. Rosie has asked me to become a contributor to the site and  share some of my experiences and images which I'm happy to do.

This is one of her favourites the Spanish Dancer


The New Adventures of Grace Gadston

Grace Gadston former PADI Underwater Cinematography student and freelance videographer is currently in Cambodia. Her new project with New Futures Organisation in the Takeo province. During her time with the organisation Grace will volunteer and assist in the day to day running of the project as well as begin to document the work and lives of the volunteers and residents.  The media project is part of a BTEC course run by our sister operation The Dive Institute and involves a number of aspects including infomercials and videos to illustrate the work of the organisation and a larger documentary piece.

The New Futures Organisation provides support to local orphans via a children's home as well as free education to children in the local region who would not otherwise be able to afford it through the six schools it has built and manages. New Futures Organisation has been operational in Takeo since 2008 and has built up its network and support within the local community, through donations and volunteer support.

Grace, a former student of The Film Company, has been preparing herself, with Rosemary Allen,  The Dive Institutes Media Tutor. The research, pre production and final projects that she produces will count as evidence towards units in her BTEC in Surface and Underwater Media. For more information about the course check out

So watch this space for more on what Grace is up to she will also be blogging on her website

Perfect Buoyancy

Without a camera, scuba diving on its own is an experience in itself, surrounded by an abundance of life from another world, in less than minutes you've been captivated by the elements around you. The fish, coral, sand formations, pinnacles and the biggest thrill that seems to take everyones heart first is the 3 dimensional world.

Gravity is obviously present, however we are able to use it to our advantage at our own leisure. Using the air we've stollen from the surface gives us the ability to 1.) breathe and 2.) adjust our buoyancy and move almost like we are flying. These are the simple facts anyone learns on day 1, but to actually put these two into perfect practice, for most people, takes hundreds of dives. Perfect buoyancy for scuba diving comes with control, steady breathing and relaxation. Put a camera in your hands and everything goes to pot! Remember in school you'd practice rubbing your head then tapping your tummy at the same time? try adding the hula and your 8 times table as well. Takes a few goes!

Diving is my passion, anyone who knows me knows that. I love making movies, short films, pictures… anything! The fact I can combine these two together is my dream. Get me in the water with a camera and I'll film anything. What always enhances my love for these two is the dimensions I'm engrossed in when I'm diving and then watching the result of my underwater filming back. For example, part of a dive site, Twin Peaks, Koh Tao which we go to regularly has a 'Buoyancy World' north of the site. It has obstacle courses for the students to practice their buoyancy skills with. Within this is a concrete statue of a dinosaur around 2meters high and 2and a half long. A shot which I use at The Film Company starts on the sand at his tail and swim upwards towards the head following the line of his back, as I approach the bottom of its neck I lean over onto my side then to my back while swimming around, under then eventually over the statues head to create a 3D perception of what this sculpture actually looks like.


The mechanics of this shot is THE reason why i love this job with my utmost passion. If you think back to the last film you watched, there may have been a scene with a 'swooping' camera shot from a great hight down to the subjects of the film. That shot was created by using heavy machinery, large cranes, days of planning with precise operations.

For me to create the same effect, when filming underwater all i need is 1.) ME, 2.) MY CAMERA oh and SCUBA DIVING EQUIPMENT- Bish-Bash-Bosh!



Planet Scuba, Episode Two

Following on from last weeks episode from Planet Scuba we follow up with the Instructor Team, Winny, Sacott, Matz and Jason as they teach the Hong Kong Team in a confined water session.

It's important to the Planet Scuba staff that sessions are safe and informative but also that the students are able to relax and enjoy the learning experience.


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