For those who are suitably inspired we offer a range of training programs for video. It could be a "how to get better footage out of your go-pro' course or a basics in video camera operation or advanced camera movement and moving image composition.

Or you might be interested in specific genres such as travel or cinematographic styles, or how about a class on lighting?  We teach everything from fundamental camera skills to cinematographic language and story telling. 

Our Video and Filmmaking courses are a learning platform for filmmakers, videographers, and cinematographers, as well as people who simply want to learn how to shoot and edit better videos.

The full program MEDIA PRODUCTION COURSE covers filmmaking equipment, camera and editing software basics, and post-production techniques, including how to build a successful web presence and start living your passion as a full-time filmmaker.

You’ll get one-on-one feedback on your films and videos and shooting tips to help you make the best documentaries, promotional and creative movies.

We have also broken it down for you here into easy to bite sections