Can’t dive? Need a refresher or want to upgrade your skills. To participate fully in underwater videography or cinematography you will need some skills in the water.

We train scuba divers to create images underwater and to do this safely you must ensure that you have the correct level of training.

There are a range of courses that you can undertake and each course has a corresponding underwater videography course that you can participate in. The first level of certification you will need to have before you can take on any underwater imaging training with scuba diving is the Open Water Diver course. Following this or prior to any underwater imaging training we recommend the Advanced Open Water Diver. 

For those that wish to extend their experience and to operate as  freelance videographers we HIGHLY recommend the first level of professional recreational diving the Divemaster course which can be completed alongside any Underwater Videography course. 

Our team of tame instructors have more than 30 years experience between them. You can feel safe and confident in their hands.